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      Tablet - Android - Amazon Kindle Fire HD


      I will not stop digging after I lift my finger from the screen(This issue happens randomly and with anything in the hand). Even when I walk around the game still thinks I'm trying to dig a block even though I'm not. The only way to top it is to place a block and it will stop digging. (This has caused a lot of damage so if it could be fixed ASAP it would be greatly appreciated. 

      What I expected to happen was...

      When I place my finger and hold to dig a block and then lift my finger I expect it to stop digging after my finger is off the screen.

      What actually happened was...

      **When I lift my finger to stop digging the game will continue to dig with the digging animation even when my finger is off the screen.

      Steps to reproduce...

      1-Start digging with any tool.(I always happen to be using an enchanted diamond tool)

      2-Dig for a short bit and then stop digging.

      3-You would continue to dig even when you stop.

      4-Place a block to stop digging.


      In the picture below I am walking and still digging. My finger is not on the screen except on the forward arrow to walk.(Notice how it is darker)


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