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All the blocks turned orange and yellow (texture problem?)



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      So it's 3 am and naturally I'm bored. So I just started spawning as many animals as I could and then I blew everything up with tnt. This was all on a flat world so you could only destroy the world so much until you got to bedrock. When I had a large pit from all the tnt I used, I decided to fill it with buckets of salmon, tropical fish, cod and pufferfish (which are new to pe right?) And then all the sudden the world glitched and turned green. After lagging and being temporarily frozen for a few seconds everything turned orange and yellow. All the blocks still had their names, but their dig animations were gone and everything was a strange yellowish orange color. Placing blocks is very laggy. Trapdoors, doors and chests are all the strange yellow-orange texture. They even appear as the strange yellow-orange color in the menu as well. I got low quality pictures of it with my phone since I'm not sure how to take screenshots with my fire tab.at one point you could see these weird green lines that i didn't get a picture of. I closed Minecraft and restarted my device. After that everything was fine. I just want to make sure that this never happens again.




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