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Changing block texture after switching apps or turning screen off/on



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      This was on Lenovo Tab3 7 Essential Android 5.0 Mali MP GPU.


      When you go to the world on Minecraft, you will see the normal textures. When you want to record something or get something from another app, you have to switch between Minecraft and the other app.

      When you're done with that app, switch back to Minecraft. You will see that only blocks is affected by this texture glitch.

      The GUI, items, particles, texts, etc. are fine. When you exit the world, you will get a chance that Minecraft will go to the white screen, otherwise, you will see "Done", then the whole Minecraft will turn into the blue sky in the world background and you have to restart the app to fix it.

      It will also do this after you turn off the screen and turn it back on.

      Who is affected?

      • This will affect YouTubers if they forgot to run the recording software after Minecraft runs.
      • This will also affect server YouTubers that needs to enter their password before they run the recording software.
      • Affects everyone who needs to switch between apps.
      • Affects staff members on the specific server that doesn't have another device and needs to switch between server management apps and Minecraft. (Not tested on servers)

      Steps for reproduction

      1. Go to Minecraft and open the world/server
      2. Switch between apps by opening another app on the Drawer
      3. When you're finished, go back to Minecraft
      4. You will see the texture of the blocks constantly changing

      Screenshots of the issue

      If you're affected by this issue and want to share, you can add your screenshots and please post that you have confirmed this and what device is this tested on.




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