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A spinning painting i my mine .



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      I made a huge hole to bed rock . I was almost done and around block 15 when i hit a small cave . I explored the entire cave and found a zombie dungeon .  (I made an EXP farm .) When  i was going back to my mine it was raining and a weird painting type thing was spinning in my mine . It looked like it was made out of 9 different blocks but i could only recognize 2 of them (emerald block and grass block . The grass block was in side of a dirt block though .) I did my best to ignore it . So i went to my bed at the top of my mine and slept . When i woke up for some reason got half of my health taken but the health bar was weird . Every heart had one side full and the other gone . i saw how glitched it was so i saved and quit . When i saved and quit my entire screen went a dark baby blueish color ( i know that their is multiple bugs in this but I'm really just worried about the painting )


      Mojang please fix this bug is very scary it will happen anywhere sometimes not just in my mine . I am sorry that i could not get a picture I cant take screenshots on my tablet . Even if i could i cant transfer them to my computer .




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