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GUI scale will not get smaller.


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      I've searched around for a bit already, but most of them seemed to be older versions and on the Android version. All of them that I searched were closed due to lack of information / old version.

      In Version 1.4.x, the GUI Scale Modifier can either be set at -1, or 0. 0 is better than -1, but -1 is still bigger than what it was before 1.4.x. I've already tried to:

      • reset the client,
      • uninstall and reinstall,
      • manually change the GUI Scale Modifier to -2 (-2 did nothing, was the same as -1)

      All of these did not yield the result I wanted- a smaller GUI. I am only able to get a smaller GUI by not playing in fullscreen mode, and I've been doing that for a while. However, it's starting to bother me when I am trying to record something with OBS, it does not fit the whole recording area. I can't just cut it off, or else there would be black bars.

      Picture "Halfscreen_GUIScaleModifier_Gone.JPG" - guessing that's probably intended, but just linking incase. 

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