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Minecraft Bedrock for Switch. Certain Mashup Packs Will not Load


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    • 1.4.1 (Nintendo Switch)
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      Both the Skyrim and Norse Mythology Mashup Packs will not properly load in the current Bedrock Seitch version. When attempting to load a level with them, the load screen shows black and purple tiles indicating missing textures and when the game loads it loads as stock mincraft with some missing textures such as the exp bar, and the menus are almost unreadable due to missing textures. The game also crashed on load attempt about 40% of the time with both packs.


      I have successfully loaded the Greek Mythology Mashup pack, and the natural texture pack. I've also tried to reinstall both of the non-functional packs without success. This is really frustrating as these are both played content and I have a legacy world I have really been wanting to play in the new version, but it was built around the Skyrim set and looks terrible in anything else.

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