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Respawn On Fire From Nether



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      Several times I have been unable to respawn properly when dying in the Nether by fire.

      I respawn after dying in the Nether (when on fire like by lava or fire) in my bed in a library in a Stronghold 1300X and -5300Y away from the initial origin, but I am on still fire. I sometimes die immediately again after I click respawn, but I respawn again in the same bed on fire (unable to activate things like buttons, beds, chests) and sometimes die immediately again repeatedly (though this is less repeatable).  After being the burning ghost for a while, the game sends me to my original spawn point.  To avoid this, I have to quit to the main screen instead of immediately respawning, and I do not respawn on fire and arrive safely in the last respawn point. However, if I do not do that, I run into the prior issue, even if I pause and exit while I am the burning ghost.

      I thought maybe it would only happen when I have poor cell signal or am unable to connect to the wifi without a username and password, though this has been disproven. I thought maybe it had to do with a lot of open apps and the low battery mode, but this is not proven to be the cause in whole, perhaps in part. I cannot reproduce this with any other spawn point or have ever gotten it to work the time after setting the point.

      The most annoying part of this all is if I continuously try to respawn while at my bed on fire  or as the burning ghost, I end up respawning to the initial origin, about 6000 blocks away! (Inside a fence post with a torch on it which is rather humorous...)

      Cliffside village seed.




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