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      Can you please fix the graphics processing (or lack there of) errors which are really starting to get annoying and bog down my time and gameplay trying to resolve same? I don't know how to describe it but it's like having super powers because you can see through everything. This in itself creates such a HUGE extreme security risk for my world due to the fact that if you can see through walls, you can see stuff that I have gone to great lengths to hide from those that may cause problems in my world! This is really quite problematic in Realms as sometimes when the glitches start it removes your view of stuff and makes it not possible to work with until corrected! This is UNTESTED on my Samsung Galaxy Note 8 as I have not had the time to try it but it DOES happen on Xbox One quite frequently! This issue is now even affecting my redstone contraptions which includes a large amount of "wireless" lighting that will not operate properly as a result! I will try testing this on my phone when I can as well as attempting to attach a screenshot to give a better example of what's happening in my game.

      I tried to cause it to glitch so I could get a screenshot but to no avail so I will try again later.


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