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Texture glitch then when exiting world screen freaks out



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      So in one of my worlds, I am building Atlantis underwater. When I'm building all of a sudden there is a weird texture glitch, usually in the creative inventory. Every time the texture glitch is different: I have had carpets have a weird purple pattern on them, I have had terracotta blocks look clear but with weird green pixel streaks on them, and I had the same thing happen with a torch. This time, I had a black streak across my screen that was worse when I was in the creative inventory. One of the screenshots shows what it looked like while I was in the inventory, and another one shows way it looked like when I was out of the inventory. After i see the glitches, I try to exit and then go back to the world. But when I press the "save and quit" button, my screen shows the exit screen as normal, but it starts glitching out, flickering on and off. The rotating view of the world in the background keeps jerking back whenever the screen flickers. The other screenshot is the screen when I was exiting. I managed to get a picture when the loading screen part had dissapeared. This doesn't always happen whenever I exit a world, but it has been happening more frequently. It still saves my world, but I have to force close the app and reopen it to be able to play again. This gets annoying sometimes, please mojang fix it!


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