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Texture Pack Application Bug



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      Windows 10 - PC


      Everytime I open Minecraft Bedrock Edition to play it after my Computer had been shut down the Booted back up, my Natural Textures Pack is no longer applied & the Game has reverted to Vanilla Textures. It's getting damn irritating having to constantly go into my Settings & Re-Apply my Natural Textures Pack to get it back on duty over & over & over & over & over every 2 - 3 times I open Minecraft... I will NEVER consider buying any more Texture Packs ever again if this isn't fixed...


      Natural Textures is set on duty as a Texture Pack applied in the SP World itself as well... this does not appear to ever turn off... but it's stupid to have to keep applying my Texture Pack in the Main Menu every 2 - 3 Entries in the game! Please fix!


      I even went so far trying to fix this as to Reset my Minecraft Bedrock Edition App in my OS Settings, then Facepalmed at myself when I discovered that I forgot to Backup my Worlds before doing this & my Worlds all got nuked... so I had to make a new World (Made in 1.4.2) & start all over, building the New World also being equipped in the World Save with Natural Textures Pack, & this Issue STILL persists... :'(


      Old Survival both set as Survival, Level Hard, No Cheats but Coordinates On.


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