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[summary] All the bugs on 0.7.0



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      1.If you create a world, and the name is same with your world that you already have, then it will just load to the world you already have.
      Solution:I think you can put a (1),(2),(3)...at the end, so the name can't be different

      2.You know that the furnace doesn't work.
      Solution:Fix the furnace

      3.This bug is on some android devices, the bugs is sometimes when you came back to you world, all the sign of the world is invisible, this bug seems 0.6.0 until know.
      Solution:Just make the sign visible when you came back to your world

      4.The animation of fire doesn't seems to be works very well, because sometimes the fire became black, and sometimes became white, and sometimes is normal, when it black, and you are on fire, most of the screen is black and you are hardly to see everything
      Solution:Just make the fire animation normal all the time

      5.This bug happened very early, and then it have been fixed, but now it happens again, that is when you put a door on glass, the doors drops door block
      Solution:Like the 0.6.1 it doesn't drop anything and can't place on glass

      6.This bug is very awful, you can't see the eating animation when you are eating food, it just stay there, and nothing moves, after while, you ate the food, sometimes you don't know while you are eating food or not
      Solution: Just make it like before, there is a nice eating animation

      7.This bug is that you can't take your armor off when you wear them.
      Solution:Make the armor can take off when you touch them

      8.Some item on the crafting table doesn't show it name properly, like different color of wool, there is no full name, there is only"wool", and the dyes and slabs have same problem, the dyes and slab all begin with item...
      Solution:Just put the name on like the 0.6.1, remember is full name :)don't be lazy

      9.When you open the split touch, you can't use bucket to get water
      Solution:Make that you can use bucket get water even when you are split touch

      10.When you put 3 different kind of leaves on the ground, they all looks same
      Solution:Make the normal 3 different kind of leaves

      11.Some devices can't type words on sign
      Solution:I don't really know which devices it is, but i hears about this, I am not really sure how to fix this

      12.On some high resolution devices the square seems way too small(you know the small square display when you destroy any kind of block)
      Solution:Maybe you can make a little bit bigger on high resolution devices

      13.On some devices that the animal spawn egg doesn't work
      Solution:Try too make it work

      14.On IOS and little bit of android device that you can put torch right under the water
      Solution:Fix the bug, like the way before, when you put torch under the water, it just rush thee torch away

      15.When you are making cake, it just takes whole bucket milk away, it doesn't even left a bucket
      Solution:Make it when you make the cake, it just takes the milk away, and left the bucket

      16.This bug is cool, I'm not really sure if this is a bug, when you place a water, the water will flow to the nearest water
      Solution:Just leave it like this, is so cool But if you want, you can fix it

      17.On IOS, the flint and steel doesn't make the fire properly, on the example I saw, the fire is invisible, or it doesn't make fire(sorry, but i don't have IOS devise)
      Solution:Make the fire properly on IOS

      18.You know that on the PC that fire can be burning on nether rack forever, but on PE, the fire just burn for a while, that seems unfair
      Solution:Make the fire burning on nether rack forever too

      19.This is a cool bug, when you dig a two high hole, and you spawn a chicken, it can't swim up, it stuck in the water and start to drowning, it so funny
      Solution:Just let the chicken swim, so it doesn't drowned the chicken just joking

      This is all the bugs we can found, and sorry for my bad English.
      I hope you can fix all this bug, we are really hoping that 0.7.1 can fix all nasty bugs


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