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      So, i was trying to move some villagers around and noticed some weird behaviour with boats.


      As shown in the video,


      When placed on farmland boats seem to have infinite momentum when empty or with villagers in them. The player has trouble to get in the boat when it does this. When the player sucseeds to enter, this behaviour stops until you break the boat and place it again. I tried it on grass and this didn't happen there.


      When a villager gets in a boat it doesn't sit down. I don't know of that's intended but it feels to me the should be sitting down.


      Sometimes when you place a boat on land, it floats above the block a bit until you nudge or enter the boat.


      Edit: the video is too big to upload here, so here's the link to it on reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Minecraft/comments/8olld1/glitchy_boats_in_bedrock_edition/


      P.s. please ignore my stupid action: killing a villager trying to break a boat.

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