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Textures stretch glitch on drowned (50-block tall Dark Wall) or enderman (shorter wall)



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      Tablet - Android - Amazon Kindle Fire HD


      Back when I first played Pocket Edition, 3 or 4 years ago, there was this dark wall that would sometimes appear. It could push me around and was at least 50 blocks tall (no joke, though I was in survival and could not accurately measure how tall it was). It stopped appearing after a while. Now it has returned, using some Drowned as 'hosts' (also in survival). I left it charging for a few minutes when I saw it. The difference between this and the one I saw 3 or 4 years ago is this it shows some of the Drowned arm textures very long, and it cannot push me without it's Drowned host. The overlay on the arms and legs is gone and it does not have armor or weapons. I should have taken it as a warning when, a few days earlier, it used an Enderman as a host for a few seconds (not as tall though). I killed some of it's hosts, but it is sure to find others (AKA the glitch is likely to happen again).


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