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Guardian Spawning heavily reduced/gone in Aquatic update



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      Tablet - iOS - iPad Air 2
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      Minecraft Pe is a great game where the only limit is you imagination, unless you faced with server spawning issues.

      I am talking in particularly the guardian farming. The way the guardians spawn in Minecraft PE is killing my gameplay experience. I have spent over 20 hours of my life I will never get back, trying out EVERY SINGLE DESIGN I COULD THINK/ saw on YouTube for A guardian spawner! It's simple not feasible! There something wrong with the guardian spawning rates, T first they work for about 5 minutes and then they completely stop! I constantly have to keep switching from peaceful mode to easy mode to restart the spawning phase. It's not fair to me or any other players who have invested so much time into this farm, only for it to be stopped by these mechanics!

      I am also confused as to why guardian only seem to spawn in the corners of temple, instead of the actual middle compared to other versions of Minecraft? After testin this is other worlds, I confirmed this to be true. That is why I have built both spawners in the middle and in the corners.

      Could you make a easier way for players to obtain sea lantern like through trading by villagers? This modification would improve my experience drastically.

      Thank you and have a wonderful day.


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