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Friend's texture packs do not work for me


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      Texture packs take far longer to download than they should. Eight megabyte packs take upwards of 10 minutes to install on my 150 download wired connection. When they finish, I'll either get an error or the game will start without having applied the pack. The only one that works is natural. The packs are hosted by my friend who has used both Xbox and PE. I am on Windows 10. I do not own any of the packs we have tried. The issue has persisted over the past few updates. The error I will sometimes get is ""Encountered a problem while downloading or applying resource pack". 


      Update: Natural no longer works, however downloads are a bit faster. About a megabyte a second, which is much better than it used to be. I don't get any errors after they finish. It just loads the world without applying the texture.

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