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      Xbox One


      Ever since the last patch building in the game has been awful. Normally I can drop a block and walk backwards and build entire lines of blocks quickly and smoothly. Now every time I try to build it places 1 to 3 blocks before lagging and stopping the build process. I've noticed this playing on realms and locally. It is really taking the fun out of building and making it more of a chore. There are times I place the block a few times before it even places once. This also happens when I'm mining. I notice that there are times I have to break the same block over and over before it finally pops and breaks for real. I also noticed this type of lag when I'm placing items in a chest that has an outbound hopper connected to it. I have to place the item in the chest a few times before it will fully take. Other times I place the item and I find it right back in my inventory. Please fix these bugs as they make simple tasks quite frustrating. Not sure of the version. It's the current xbox one version.


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