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New maps no longer align with old maps



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      Xbox One


      My maps are randomly changing the grid point used for the maps. This means that when I attempt to explore a new area and zoom it out to the same zoom as the previous map the two not only won't snap together but I'm visibly moving on both maps due to the overlap.

      In the most recent game this has happened twice. Once within a few hours of play-time. I noticed it when I had my children join the world (as guests) and they spawned into the world at a different location than where my wife and I spawned in the night prior. When I created a map it no longer lined up with the starter map. After exploring a 4x4 of 2/4 maps (to include completely filling in the corresponding 2x2 of 3/4 maps and the whole 4/4 map) the map location has once again changed. This time the world spawn location hasn't shifted but once again the newly created maps no longer align with the older maps (though they do indeed align with each other). It appears that it might have gone back to the original map points from before the first shift (based on what I remember of that map for where I built my home) but as I destroyed those maps I can't confirm this.

      I'm unsure of how to reproduce this bug. This is the second world I've had this happen to and there's been no glaringly obvious correlations between any of the times that it happened. The first time it happened was when my XBOX somehow updated to the beta on its own (my boys played the world before I could remove the beta so we just went with it until the map incident at which point I removed the beta and accidentally corrupted the world). In that world the maps suddenly quit aligning but I just figured it was a beta bug (along with how if I was crouched/sneaking, opened the item menu, and then closed it I would no longer be crouched/sneaking...and thus one time fell off a cliff). Now that it has happened on a non-beta world, and happened twice in the same game no less, it's clearly not limited to only the beta.

      When looking at the screenshot the leftmost maps are the old maps. The top row is the 3/4 scale with the green marker in the middle of it being the location of the base. The two to the right are the new maps with the base apparently falling right on the line of two maps (and for some reason not causing a marker to appear on the map when mounted on the wall). The bottom maps are 2/4 scale.

      In fact looking at the screenshot things make even less sense as the base is in the top middle of the new 2/4 map but yet at the far edge of the new 3/4 maps. Meaning that it doesn't even look like the new maps are properly aligning in regards to the different scales since a 2x2 of the 2/4 should properly align to a single 3/4 but the new 2/4 in no way properly aligns to any of the sections of the new 3/4 maps.


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