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Minecraft PE Superflat chunks not generating



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      Tablet - iOS - iPad Air 2


      I thought there was a visual bug in my superflat redstone and command block testing world, because there were chunk-shapes missing in places I hadn’t been to. It looked like it wasn’t showing chunks, but I could see the blocks underneath the chunks around it. Normally, you only see the top of chunks that are next to unloaded chunks. (I should have seen a 2-dimensional grass sheet because there are no transparent blocks or entities in the loaded or unloaded chunk, so only what should be visible to me is shown. That means, the solid blocks behind solid blocks won’t be rendered.) Instead, I was able to drop through the missing chunk, because it was air. My world was like an island of chunks surrounded by an unending ocean of air blocks. I could even place blocks inside the missing chunks. At first I thought this was a storages issue, because of the transfer to storing in chunks and removing the 256 limit for blocks, then I checked my storage limits, but I have like 30+ more gigabytes left to use. I think it’s a combination of superflats not using seeds, and the storage change. I just want this to be heard unless it happens to my amazing survival world. Only the chunks I generated seemed to stay, so I hope this gets fixed before it becomes dangerous to worlds. I won’t be generating chunks on that world until this gets fixed, I don’t want to ruin anything. The game and App Store call the version: 1.2.15, but the options to select the version don’t seem to include it.


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