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Changes to active repeating command blocks are discarded when screen animations are enabled



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      Verification build (win 10)

      With Screen Animations Enabled a active (or powered) repeating command_block can't change the command or other settings for the command_block (they revert back to previously set or previous command). While this works when Screen Animations is Disabled.

      Steps to reproduce:

      • Make sure the setting screen animations is enabled
      • Gamemode creative, Cheats enabled, flat world
      • Give yourself a command_block and place it
      • Set the command_block to Repeat
      • Set it to always active (or continuously power the command block, needs redstone)
      • Use the command say test 1 (in the command block)
      • Close the command_block and observe the chat
      • Open the command_block and change the command to say test 2
      • Close the command_block and observe the chat, notice it still reads test 1
      • Open the command_block and observe that the command still has the command say test 1

      Video showing the issue with Screen Animations Enabled:
      MCPE-32692 Screen animations on (Reproduction).mp4

      Video showing the expected behavior with Screen Animations Disabled:
      MCPE-32692 Screen animations off (expected behaviour).mp4

      Expected results:
      Are shown in the second video (screen animations disabled)

      Original report:

      THIS ISSUE IS SOLVED (Answer at bottom of Comments)

      Command Blocks that are in the REPEAT setting are preventing me from Changing its settings or alter its command in any way once it has been activated. it shows the changes when i make them, but once i exit the Menu for the command block it just reverts back to the previous settings/command text. i am forced to destroy the repeating command block and re type it all and enter new settings to change it again

      This issue only occurs when i load the world or realm on my xbox one. but it causes the issue to permanently be a part of that world file or realm after i have opened it through xbox. If i download the world from the Realm Settings menu through my windows 10 version, the downloaded version will no longer have the command block issue

      I have also discovered that the Repeating Command block will prevent changes as long as it is Active rather than just set to Always Active. This issue persists even on Repeating Command blocks that are only activated through Redstone, but the difference between the two is that if i use Redstone to activate it, i just have to turn the redstone off to be able to make changes to the command block Text/Settings


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