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Automatic Chicken Cooker not Killing Chickens


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      After the most recent update, my automated chicken cooker no longer cooked my adult chickens. The automated farm is designed to quickly dispense and retract a lava blade with a dispenser which used to set adult chickens in the enclosure on fire. After being exposed to lava, the adult chickens in the pen are burned, and dropped cooked chicken and feathers.

      Currently, adult chickens exposed to lava briefly take damage, but not enough to kill them, and do continue to take fire damage after the blade is retracted. As a result the automated chicken farm no longer cooks adult chickens automatically. The lava can be activated manually, which after a time does kill the chickens, but instead of dropping cooked chicken meat, they drop raw chicken instead.

      Will try to get some additional photo or video evidence. Thanks!

            jjojereo Jeremiah Oehlerich
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