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      In the latest beta , The texture of the door is only facing onlupy one direction ....

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      Except for oak doors, all doors (including iron doors) are rendered with their hinges on the north or east side, regardless of which side they actually pivot on when opened and closed. This causes the hinges to appear on the wrong side of

      • Doors placed while facing north
      • Doors placed while facing east, when they are open
      • Doors placed while facing west, when they are closed

      Steps to reproduce:
      While facing north or west, place any type of door except an oak door.
      Expected result: The closed door is rendered with its hinges on the left from your point of view. When opened, the hinges continue to be rendered on the left side.
      Actual result: The closed door is rendered with its hinges on the north side if you're facing east or west, or on the east side if you're facing north or south. When opened, the hinges switch from being rendered on the north side to the east side or vice-versa, giving the appearance of flipping the door if you're facing east or west.

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