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Crops are harder to plant continuously


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      Revised description by Auldrick
      Since updating to 1.2.13, crops can only be planted continuously in consecutive blocks in a straight line, similar to how solid blocks can only be placed that way, and most take longer to plant than before. Previously, crops could be rapidly spam-planted anywhere on suitable ground by holding the Use control, and if you went too fast and missed a block you could go back and fill in the hole later. Now you must plant them strictly in rows and usually at a slower pace than normal walking speed. The only crops that seem to plant at walking speed are sugar canes, cocoa beans, and perhaps nether wart.

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Select any crop and prepare a rectangular area suitable for growing it on.
      2. Attempt to fill the prepared area with the seed, root, etc. for the crop by holding the Use control.
      3. Use various speeds and directions of motion and observe the sequence in which planting occurs.

      Expected results:
      When moving at normal walking speed, every suitable selected block gets a plant until you select an unsuitable block, release the Use control, or run out of seeds..

      Observed results:
      The first block gets a plant. A second plant is placed only in an adjacent block. Subsequent plants are placed only in the next adjacent block in the same direction. For most plants, there is a delay in placing a plant that prevents continuous planting at normal walking speed.

      Original description:

      So you added feature in update

      Crops can once again be harvested continuously"

      Before update can grow continuously, but now can't anymore, need to grow each crop separate.

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