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Explored Zones not generate coral, see grass and kelp, still empty



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      I'm playing minecraft xbox live beta.

      For all zone you have already explored there is no sea grass, coral or kelp.

      I've tried using my copy of survival world in creative for see how it generate and for all zone I have already explored there is nothing in water. From my spawn to my house who include a very long path/ride who unlock achievement "Adventuring Time" - Discover 17 of the 40 different biomes, with cross of 70% of heavy ocean and warm ocean.

      You can check for screen name 20 coordinates, screen 17 18 19 are the limit of what I explore from my spawn when i'm looking for an ocelot.

      All others are screen of what I have already explore near my house.

      On snapshot on java for my old save it ask me if I want to keep my save before regenerate it. Why not put same option on bedrock because I don't want to make a new world only for have aquatic update near to my house and near to my friends house.



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