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All fish Invisible and more fish bug that you need to fix



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      The new fish in Minecraft are bug when you re enter the world sometimes the fish is invisible even when you spawn them in with the egg I think for your world your in too, some fish when they flop like there were flying a little but the tropical fish touch the ground ok why are there flopping so quickly and flop around them seft but not flop in it side like the PC so fix that and the puffer fish is not puffing when your close to it in game mode 1 that is a bug or a feature, sometimes like the Invisible one there texture is a bit mess up even in spawner as show in GIF ya alot of bug fix do it in the next bulit, That one is a funny bug, can you add fish sound I like the puffer fish sound when dead I like it alot and change there Id like "Puffer_fish" or "Cod_mob" like in the PC lot to read so there you go.


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