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Blaze one shot is just ridiculous



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      How is it even possible that this is still a bug, blazes somehow STILL ONE SHOT YOU. There’s literally no excuse for why it’s not fixed, not one because it’s been a bug for almost two years now. Do you have any idea how much harder it makes it to get wither skulls? And not even harder in a fun way, it’s plain up stupid hard and just dumb. Wither skeletons barely spawn in the first place, and then you get shot out of nowhere by a blaze and die immediately. I was killing a wither skeleton near lava, with a few blazes above it. Then what happens? I’m clearing the lava to shoot the skellt, then I’m dead. All my stuff but like my boots burnt, including the one wither skull I spent an hour getting. All that work to just loose everything. That’s just dumb. Do you have any idea how many items I’ve lost due to this bug? Can’t even count, it makes blaze farms insanely hard to make cause the fire they make when they kill u burns ur stuff, and there’s like no way to survive. And this same bug(fire charges broken) also causes GHAST TO BE EXTREMELY ANNOYING WHEN THEY SHOOT. I literally want to cut my ears off when I’m exploring, or I turn off the volume then get killed by something later cause I couldn’t hear it. It’s just dumb, I don’t care how many of these reports I’ve made this is like my fifth one I will keep spamming these until this bug is fixed because it’s beyond stupid and makes me think you guys don’t care about your job literally at all. It’s not fair at all and I can’t express enough how dumb it is. People can wait on the aquatic update just fix this stupid bug immediately.


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