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Game Crashes from Bugged Sticky Pistons



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      My game crashes every time I go within 64 blocks of a bugged piston (or if I try to remove it with a command) at 94, 57, 97 in the Nether.

      Since Jan 31st, my Realms survival world will encounter a crash whenever a player went near a certain area in the Nether. I downloaded the world and loaded it in single player and the game would still crash when I got near. The area that is causing the crash is a Blaze Farm inspired by NimsTV's design (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XORCrgVinIo) which uses several sticky pistons and slime blocks.

      Using commands on the single-player world I tried to remove several blocks in the area. After trial and error, I found that when I attempted to remove the sticky pistons in the area (/fill ... replace sticky_piston), the game would crash. This was repeatable. I eventually discovered that there was a set of pistons causing the problem, not all of them.
      A bugged piston was found to be at coordinates: 94, 57, 97.

      It was then realized that the crash occurs whenever a player enters a 64 block radius around the piston. (4 chunk Simulation Radius)

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Download the world linked below
      2. Load the world
      3. Enter the Nether (Optional: Teleport to 97, 69, 30)
      4. Use command /setblock 94 57 97 air
      5. "Block Placed" will not be shown on screen and game will crash

      Alternatively, move the player within 64 blocks of 94, 57, 97 in the Nether and the game will crash.

      This initially occurred on Xbox: One playing on Realm created on Xbox: One.
      The crash occurs on the realm when connected from Xbox: One or Windows 10.
      The crash was tested and occurs on downloaded copies of the world on both Xbox: One and Windows 10 (OS Version 1709).
      Crash first occurred in version 1.2.9 and continues in 1.2.10

      I believe the issue was caused by having pistons being powered on a timer and the area being repeatedly loaded and unloaded by players entering/exiting a Nether portal within 64 blocks of the pistons.

      We have had an issue with these pistons before where the piston will appear within the same block as a slime block or when an invisible piston was still pushing a series of slime blocks. These issue may be related.

      Link for world: https://www.dropbox.com/s/wpoq5pxuwum1j4a/Piston%20Crash%202_9_2018.mcworld?dl=0


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