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Placing items in chests and item elevators



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      Hi, there has been a problem when I place stacks of items in chest. When placing a stack of items from your inventory to a chest you hold down (touch) the item and wait for the green bar to fill up then the items will be placed in the chest, right. But lately it hasn't been doing that so I have to tap rapidly to get all of the items or stack in the chest basically doing it one at a time now I know there was a recent update and I thought it would've been fixed but it hasn't so I hope in the next update it will be fixed and also this one isn't important it's more for the aesthetic look but maybe you can make item elevators work again or in this version you know how you place a dispenser facing upward and placing a whole bunch of glass blocks or whatever kind of blood and activate the dispenser and you would watch items go up to the top but in this version doesn't do that so if it's not too much trouble maybe you can make it work if not it's fine it's more the chest thing thank you very much and I hope the problem will be fixed soon


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