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Activator rail won't dismount "up & over-right"


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      Testing villager dismount as seen in video https://youtu.be/Q2VK6w44JNw?t=11m36s using activator rails to dismount a villager onto a plate (turning off activator rails) as seen in the video. For my test as seen in the screenshot, the villager will only dismount onto the rail, even with glass at the villager's head height over the rail and no plates at nearby or ground-level open spots diagonally adjacent to the activator rail. According to https://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Activator_Rail "eject mobs (including players) from minecarts as if a player had used the sneak control to exit the minecart (by default, one block to the right of the direction the minecart is moving and up to two blocks up, unless blocked)", but I can not seem to provoke this behavior in a test condition in a private world on

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