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Very low slime spawn rate in 1.2.9



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      Windows 10 - PC


      I used a slime chunk finder for PE and created multiple slime farms around chunks I found in different areas. However in both farms I have never had a single slime spawn. I went through the cave systems I found in the area lighting every cave, tunnel, and gorge, killing all of the mobs I found and disabling all of the spawners I found. To try to reduce the other mobs spawning around my rooms.

      My larger slime room is a 3 platform build located in the slime chunk from 0, -80 to 15, -65. The room starts at level 6 and has platforms rising up to level 18. I have spent an hour and a half waiting approximately 28 blocks above the room to have zero slimes spawn inside it. Each platform has a 3.5 block height to allow the slime to spawn and jump off the platform.

      I jumped to a copy of the world in creative with cheats and used `/time set day` to prevent anything from spawning on the surface, then used `/kill @e` to kill everything in the area. Then I waited 8 minutes and used `/kill @e` again. Only one skeleton was killed so I definitely wasn't at the mob cap, but still zero slime spawned in that time with me 28 blocks above the farm.

      Additionally I have a second slime farm that is just a simple large room inside the slime chunk from -33, -1 to -48, -16. This room is built on level 33. The room is 5+ blocks high in all areas. I have spent hours waiting for slimes to spawn in this room also and again have never seen a single slime. I even tried using the `/time set` command to progress the game to full moon phases hoping that would help but after waiting 10 full moon phases nothing spawned.

      In addition I have camped out in three separate swamps for slimes on 4 full moons, and countless other nights and have only ever found 2 slimes in total in the swamps.

      Swamp locations:

      • 244, 510 (I found a big slime here)
      • -386, -890
      • -415, -1228 (I found a tiny slime here)

      Seed: -14252882

      My World: slime_chunk_test.mcworld


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