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Double exit portal and overworld spawning in the end



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      Xbox One


      This relates to but does not duplicate MCPE-30089 - it has issues that did not occur on that bug report. If you need to have separate bug reports for any of this, please let me know, but I have no idea what is relevant to what at this point.

      This again is an Xbox world that was upgraded to bedrock; however the end had never been generated and nor the dragon killed. This afternoon we went to kill the end dragon again, on another world since have no idea how to fix the main world end. Again was on peaceful initially as I and another player had never been in this world so we could do a tour first. World was switched to hostile mobs before we entered the end.

      First - there were no endermen - it was all overworld spawns - ie skellys, creepers, spiders, zombies and yes they were respawning. As one player said it was if it the spawns were set to overworld spawn mechanics - ie endermen finally did spawn. but at the rate they would have in the overworld.

      Second - two exit end portals existed - one on top of the other.

      Third - as far as we could tell only two crystals were lit. I had taken out one and another player took out another almost immediately, when someone noticed the dragon was taking damage and not healing. After the kill, we looked at every pillar and none were left lit even tho we had only destroyed 2 crystals.

      Fourth (sort of) - this time the fight did not leave two active end exit portals. Only the topmost of the double portals was made active and a end city gate was created Nor was the second portal destroyed.

      Fifth - 1 player did not get the achievement for killing the dragon. The player who died and came back did, along with the two who mainly were targeting the dragon did, but the player who was primarily keeping the overworld mobs away from the rest of us did not. The only thing we can think of is that she may not have hit/done damage to the dragon. That should not have precluded the achievement.

      Later this week or next weekend we are going to respawn the dragon in this world so the final player can get the achievement. I will update then if anything changes or something new needs to be added.


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