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Horses in boats, mobs in boats, map heads, and more.



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      Windows 10 - PC


      First, your bug reporting interface is confusing as all get out.

      Second, the game I am talking about is the most recent version of Minecraft (Better Together) that can be linked from console to PC etc. Our version is simply called "Minecraft". I use the PC (Windows 10) and my children and husband use the Xbox One S. All versions are fully up to date.

      Now on to the bugs:
      1. When in split screen mode with at least two players, but up to 4 players, if a player rides a horse, boat, minecart, or otherwise moves very quickly, all other players in the split screen experience black boxes around their player.

      2. When in a boat with a mob or player and you try to break a block in front of you, you actually hit the mob or player that is behind you in the boat instead of the block you are aiming at.

      3. This one may be related to bug #2. If you have a horse in the boat with you, your control hint constantly shifts from nothing to LT-RIDE, blinking on and off very, very fast. Also when you put your horse in the boat and then attempt to get in, you have to find the "sweet spot" to have the control hint switch from "Ride" to "Board" as it is always trying to get you to ride the horse.

      4. When you have a map and no one else does, their map icons still appear. This would not bother me except when they get within maybe 5 chunks of you their icon turns into an image of their head, which is so huge that it blocks out everything around it. This makes it impossible to travel with anyone as you cannot see the direction your own icon is facing. It also makes it extremely difficult to actually find someone if you are looking for them, because a 5-chunk radius is huge and you cannot pinpoint their location.

      This is all for now.




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