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      Samsung Galaxy J7

      If this happened just once, I'd dismiss it as a fluke, but after three times in a row, I think these horses are at a distinct evolutionary disadvantage. I can't breed them, because I can't keep the foals alive. Maybe their dirt walled cavern stable is an unsanitary horse nursery.

      The horses seem generally drawn to the walls of the room, perhaps because the outdoor grass is diagonal from some blocks. After the foal is produced, the adult horses wander along the walls, and pretty quickly, the foal gets in between the wall and a horse. From there, as the adult continues to wander along the wall, the foal is pressed into the wall, and then into a corner, where it quickly suffocates.

      Three times in a row. I think they may be doing it on purpose. Imagine drowning your own child inside a solid dirt wall! No family values! Also, I think it would require about a million Newtons of force.

      After the first time, I widened the room. But it still happened two more times. It makes sense that the much larger adult would be able to shove the foal aside, but the foal should become a barrier when they cannot be moved any further.


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