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Cannot move diagonally while sneaking in cobwebs on soul sand while drawing back a bow at excessive coordinates


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      Place soul sand down, place a cobweb on top of each block of soul sand, then walk through the webs diagonally in a direction away from (0,0) while sneaking and drawing back a bow.

      The player will walk diagonally as one would expect when close to the origin of the world, but if done so after 32767 or below -32768 on both the X and Z axes, either the player will completely stop moving, or will be confined to movement on a single axis instead of the direction the player is facing.

      Update by Mega_Spud:

      Repro Steps:

      1. Start a new world
      2. Teleport using command: /tp -32800 ~ -32800
      3. Punch a 2x2 hole in the ground
      4. Place down four soul sand blocks with cobwebs on top
      5. Equip a bow and arrow
      6. Shift to sneak, and draw the bow and hold
      7. Now walk backwards diagonally through the cob webs (hold A and S, or move joystick to bottom left)
      8. Take note of the direction of movement

      Observed Results:
      You are unable to walk diagonally, but can only move sideways or straight back.

      Expected Results:
      The diagonal movement should not be hindered when travelling large distances.

      Screenshots/Videos attached: Yes


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