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I lost all of my diamond armor when I got damaged by a blaze


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      I found this horrible bug that needs to be fixed before anyone else runs into it. Here is how it happened. I was mining around a blaze spawner in the nether so I can make a blaze farm for blaze rods, some blazes spawned, one of them damaged me, and I lost all of my armor when that happened, even tho my armor was almost non damaged before. After I lost all my armor, I got absorb yellow hearts as you can see in the screenshot I took. I think this bug might have happened because of the enchantments I had on my armor. On my chestplate, I had protection 4 and thrones 2, on my pants I had projectile protection 4. I think the game might have thought that I would have to lose my armor if the thrones affected the blazes. If you have any questions please ask them. I just want this bug to be fixed as fast as possible because I don't want anyone else running into it and losing all of there diamond armor like I did

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