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Furnace, Fire (Flint & Steel), Eating Spasm Buckets bug



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      Furnace, Fire (Flint & Steel), Eating and Buckets.

      What I expected to happen was...:

      1. To smelt for some charcoal.
      2. I was hurt so I thought i would see the eating animation to heal.
      3. To see fire using flint & Steel.
      4. To use a Bucket for milk without Hurting Or killing a Cow. And to be able to place water and pick it back up.

      Describe what you thought should happen here.

      1. To eat while/after taking any kind of damage without a crazy arm swing glitch.
      2. To actually see the flames from the fire without black or white blocks above the fire and the fire actually not disappearing without water or rain for it too.
      3. To Smelt anything and or get what you wanted to smelt back especially if what you wanted to smelt is still left after smelting it instead of it being useless and then destroying the furnace to get the stuff back.
      4. To pick water or lava back up after placing/replacing it and To actually get milk without hurting or killing the Cow.

      What actually happened was...:
      1. I made flint and steel and I tapped or pressed on the screen to try using it on open grass.
      2. I made a couple buckets: 1 for water and the other for milk.
      1. I placed the water on a side of a mountain and i tried picking the water back up with the bucket and was unable to. 2. Milking a cow with a bucket while hurting or killing it. (Holding or tapping on the screen.)

      Steps to Reproduce:
      1. Fire (Flint & Steel in hand and tap or hold down the screen on any object except wood (note it does the white and black blocks thing on wood too.)
      2. To place water on a highlighted area just tap the screen and then try tapping or holding the screen down to try picking the water back up.
      3. The Arm Swinging Eating Spasm Glitch While having any food in hand just tap or hold down the screen.


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