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Colored text is bugged out


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      The colored text feature doesn't work.. by that i mean when i try to put more than 1 color into a single word it doesn't work and it deletes the colored text sign thing automatically if i try..

      What i expected to happen
      1) Put the colored text symbol: '§'
      2) Write a word. eg: Cat
      3) Wanna make the word red so i would type: §4Cat
      4) wanna make only the 't' white so i would type: §4Ca§ft

      What actually happens
      1)Write the word. eg: Cat
      2)I put the symbol before the letter cat so it looked like: §4Cat
      3)I wanted to make 't' white so i would type: §4Ca§ft
      4)Game makes it: §4Cat
      5)Game removes my '§f'

      This is just an example it doesn't work in any circumstance where i wanna use 2 colors! the game just deletes the symbol!

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