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      Xbox One


      i always enjoy trading my resources to get emeralds to buy enchanted books from the librarians. i have encountered a problem, in the old version before the bedrock edition trading with villagers to get emeralds was easy. it is now more expensive than usual to get emeralds. the basic trades lock after a few trades, then they need to be reset. that was always the case but here in the new update to the bedrock edition it is no longer feasible to do. on average it costs 6-7 emeralds for every ten emeralds you get for trading to reset the villager so that he will resume to buy goods from you for emeralds. to recreate find any farmer villager and initiate trades, it will soon become obvious his trades will lock and you will have to reset him only after a few trades and then to reset the villager you spend more than half the emeralds you acquired to reset him to resume trading. this has put a huge damper on my game play as i use the villagers to get my enchantments i like but its not very fun any more considering i have to spend more than half my emeralds to reset the villagers. if it would at all be possible to look into and possible fix this bug or oversight to allow trading to be more feasible and cost effective. thankyou. this is in a survival realm of the bedrock editon.


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