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      There are isues with the rabbits. I approach them with carrots, and they just run away. I was able to wrangle some with leads into my animal pens, and then I just stood there with carrots, and none of them came up to me, they just continued to run around wildly. Also, a baby rabbits keep getting stuck in the corner of my animal pens. I don't know if it happens with stone walls, but I have wooden fences around my animal pens, and the baby rabbits get stuck in the corner: they stop running around, I can't hit them, kill them, feed them, or anything; I have to break the fence to free it, at which point it runs around wildly again. Did the makers of Minecraft for Windows 10 forget to make it possible to tame rabbits and to make them go towards someone with carrots?Please fix this.

            juddz90 Zachary Judd
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