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Enchantment disappeared from item



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      Went fishing and caught a bow with Unbreaking III and Mending. Caught another bow with Infinity I and Punch I. Caught a third bow with Power IV. It took several minecraft days to catch them, but now I have plenty of fish! I combined them all on the anvil and had one bow with all the enchantments. I then crafted a new bow and repaired the enchanted one with it on the anvil. Soon after I went mob hunting with only one arrow in my inventory. I shot a skeleton and killed it, received 2 arrows drop. I killed a creeper and another skeleton. I went to fire at another creeper and it wouldn't fire. Ran away, then looked at my inventory. My arrows were gone. Looked at my bow, and the Infinity enchantment had disappeared. I exited the game very angry and went to bed. Woke up this morning and now the bow has infinity back, but mending is gone. I'm happy infinity is back, but sad mending is gone. This is the first major bug i noticed since I started playing several months ago. Thank you for having this venue.




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