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Endermen teleporting to any spawnable block, even if transparent block above it


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      Somehow endermen are managing to spawn on any spawnable block even if it’s less than three blocks, in the first picture is obviously the main issue, but the second one, the endermite there for the ender ender I just made, the endermite later got killed because an endermen teleported in that exact spot where the endermite was and killed it even tho there are slabs above it, and it was inside slabs. I wasted over a stack of emeralds after trying to buy name tags from villagers to respawn the endermite because it kept getting killed, you can say that’s my fault but I wouldn’t of had to waste a stack in the first place if it wasn’t for that endermen killing the first endermite, I did later fix it because the blocks it teleported inside of are transparent slabs, it’s fixable by making them full blocks but it caused me a bunch of hard earned emeralds , and it’s hard to even get more because in my other bug report about the farmer villager despawning in my potatoe farm it’s hard to get more this is just ridiculous

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