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Blazes one shot one kill with any health/armor



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      Blazes manage to one shot one kill you even if you have full health, or armor. If you have iron armor it just breaks when you die and if you have diamond you still die in one hit, with the diamond and iron armor I didn’t show that on video those happened other times but this bug has been in the game since 1.1 and completely ruin it because my diamond picaxe that had fortune iii burnt and now I have no levels to get it, and I’m trying to make a blaze xp farm but it’s literally impossible because I get one shotted so I can’t even finish it. In the videos I have an iPhone 6s and my cousin (o3dwino) has a google pixel and he had full heath when he died and in the clip of me you have to check carefully but you see I did have full health and died in one shot right away. Please excuse the language I was extremely mad and just ignore that but please fix this bug it ruins the game and has been in the game since 1.1 and completely ruins it


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