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Teleporting Entites fail to render properly even if areas are loaded by players or ticking areas



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      Windows 10 - PC


      When encountering this bug I was primarily teleporting Villagers. I was trying to position them in the play area of a map I am working on. I initially spawned them in a ticking area I created called "SpawnChunks" (Which on the world is located at: 688 1 15) I also setup a ticking area in the areas I wanted to clone them to (414 3 -224). I then executed the following command:

      /tp @e[type=Villager,name="Martin the Miner"] 414 3 -224

      The Villager would teleport, however in its new location it did not seem to appear. (The command executed successfully)
      I then tested for the location of the villager by teleporting myself to "Martin the Miner"
      I was teleported to the location that I had teleported the villager to. However the Villager appeared not to be rendered and I could not interact with it (trading etc...)

      I noticed that this also occurs when the entity starts in a ticking area and I'm at the target location far away (but not making the target destination a ticking area) and then teleporting them to me. The entity usually fails to render and appear properly, but is at the location.

      From what I've experienced so far, it seems that if you teleport an entity that isn't rendered by a player (even if it is loaded by a ticking area) upon reaching its target destination causes them to not be rendered anymore. However there does not appear to be an issue when teleporting entities rather short distances within the player's own render distance.

      Hopefully you can figure out whats causing this issue. Let me know if you need any more details. Thank you




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              R3DsKingdom Darien Vechinski
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