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Comparators cannot be side-powered



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      Hello! I have been using a shulker box auto-storage system for a while designed by Mumbo Jumbo. But since switching to the new version (whatever we're supposed to call it), the system has been broken, I've deduced why.
      Comparators are supposed to take a power level from the side and then only 'accept' power from the storage unit in front of it, if it matches the output level given by the side power, in this case, I used both a redstone torch with dust connecting to the comparator, as well as another comparator with a full chest behind it.
      On the old version, the comparator would only give a redstone output if the shulker box was completely filled. But in bedrock that doesn't happen as was previously explained and is shown in the two captures linked.
      The first is in the Xbox One Edition of Minecraft, as can be seen by the old UI https://youtu.be/OhzUmMISZ9c
      Now look at the same system in the same world, converted to the Bedrock (Edition? Seriously, what are we supposed to call it!?) https://youtu.be/Gf7uRiBH7zk
      As you can see the comparator gives an output despite the fact that it should be side powered, no matter if the box is full, or only has a few items inside.


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