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Skeleton spawner is empty, mobs don’t spawn and villagers won’t breed



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      Xbox One


      I’m playing on survival after the better together update on xbox1. My base is centralized around a skeleton spawner that I have a water elevator attached to carry them to a kill zone, when my controller died the other day it said it lost connection, when I turned it back on all the skeletons despawned in my kill area and the spawner is now empty other than the it still lights as if it is working. I checked a spider spawner that is deeper below my base and it still works and has a spider inside of it. Also since the skeleton disappeared from my spawner all mobs will not spawn on their own, only if I reset the game will they spawn and even then they spawn 1 time then not again until I reset again. I also had 1/2 of my villagers despawn right before the update came out and they now seem to not breed no matter how much I trade with them. I hope these get resolved soon. It’s hard to play when nothing seems to work.


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