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      Playing bedrock update on Xbox one s via Ethernet cable, isolated internet with no bandwidth used outside of game.

      Playing via my realm with one user online, realm is a few hours old with dirt hut, four storage boxes and beds.

      Constant lag beteen 2-5 seconds long, creepers impossible to fight and will blow up and kill you even when they’re still quite some distance away.

      Blocks delay their destruction animation.

      Beds take about 3 seconds before they register me trying to sleep in them

      All mobs jolt back to life as a chunk is loaded, often accompanied y a very quick sprint animation, , often zombies and skeletons begin to burn as I walk past even though it’s late in the afternoon.

      Suspect issue with unloading chunks &entities.

      Current lag has been replicated over the course of two(IRL) days, again when I log off console and then in via my iPad the Lag is gone.

      Example video upload failed three times, it basically showed me clicking on a bed a heap of times then walking off only to be teleported back into the bed & running past a creeper and then watching it blow up in the distance and taking damage from said explosion .
      I raise this just in case this is an unforeseen issue with the console going over to realms, really excited to start playing with my friends once this lag is all fixed up!


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