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Minecarts collide with adjacent minecarts (on separate tracks)


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      Minecarts (with hopper / chest / tnt) collide while they are on separate adjacent tracks. Having unpowered powerrail in most cases can't prevent the minecarts from escaping due to the collision. Minecarts also slow down or change direction because of the collision with a other minecart. Normal minecarts are not affected.

      For reproduction use the supplied world:
      Take note the issue becomes worse/more apparent if the minecarts move at a lower speed.
      MCPE-26200 Minecart collision.mcworld (beta world)

      Video/ screenshot attached:

      Minecraft 3-11-2017 20_58_36.mp4

      Orriginal report:

      On the old Minecraft Xbox edition, two chest mine carts could be placed next to each other on separate rails with no issues. Now on the new bedrock edition, if they are next to each other one of them will move away. Please make it so they don't push each other like this on separate tracks!

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