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Piston timings are slow and VERY inconsistent!



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      So, because Microsoft said, "Screw Original Minecraft," I have been trying to adapt to what is now "Minecraft." Now, I am a big redstone fanatic, and I have noticed many things that are wrong. Specifically with Pistons/Sticky Pistons. These things are operating ridiculously slow!

      For instance, reference first picture: A simple double-piston extender. When retracting, piston 2 should retract on tick 1, piston 1 should retract piston 2 on tick 3, and piston 2 should retract the block on tick 5. But this never happens because piston 1 never retracts piston 2 (see picture 2).

      Now, after adding a bunch of delay to these pistons, I have gotten a double-piston-extender to work. (Picture 3). However, it is very inconsistent. Literally, sometimes it will work, and sometimes it will not work. (Picture 4) Just depends on how the game is feeling, I guess. This stuff is very inconsistent and unreliable, and makes building any redstone contraption requiring pistons almost impossible (as well as huge, bulky, and SLOW).

      I know that new minecraft redstone will not operate exactly like real Minecraft's redstone, for example BUDs will not be there because obviously that was a glitch from the start. But, could we at least make redstone usable? Please? This small issue would seriously deviate many devoted Minecraft players from ever using the new version.


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