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Unable to import existing world from Xbox One edition into new Beta Minecraft on Xbox



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      Xbox One


      I recently joined the beta program on the Xbox one through Insider Hub. When I attempt to import my main world from the list of available saves it fails. It did the initial file sync that comes up and then it shows the progress bar for updating the world. It seems to reach about 47 or so percent and then it just closes the window and game and drops me at the xbox one dashboard. I was able to import a recently created test world without issue. However the world I am trying and failing to import has the following conditions: file size of about 140 mb in the saves listing, world seed is originally from the xbox 360 and was imported to the xbox one version.

      I purchased the Windows 10 version of the game and used it's insider hub version to see if I could run the same import process from my windows desktop but it does not appear to give that as an option.

      Are other users having issues with older seeds in this new platform? What information can I provide you about my world and saves to see if this is resolvable? So far in trying to load this world and test with other worlds I have had the program crash numerous times and needed to reinstall the beta Minecraft game on the xbox one. I think that supporting older seeds is still important. Please let me know how I can help. Thank you.




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