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Bed becomes invisible after game reload



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      Xbox One


      (Note: was not available as of last night 11PM CST so this is confirmed only for at this point. JIRA will not let me select an "old" version apparently even though console doesn't have the new version yet.)

      I had a friend join my online game (new world, not a conversion from CE) and crafted a 2nd bed for him to use. Placed the bed and we both could see it fine. Later in the day we encountered a chunk load glitch and reloaded the game. Upon returning to base, his bed was invisible. Hitbox was still there and we were able to break it and recover it. It became visible again after placing it back down in the same spot. Next time I loaded the world, that bed was again invisible. The other bed in this base has never turned invisible.

      I will post pictures later, and do some testing to see if it's a location-specific thing, or a non-host-owned bed thing or what.




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