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Strongholds Does not Generate Correctly


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      Good morning,

      Recently I found a nice seed(502186357) with a temple at 1K blocks from the spawn ... but with the command "/locate Stronghold" , I found a village( In -2244 y? 2472) with Stronghold, but it don't Generate a End Portal room or silverfish spawner.

      The others rooms Generate Correctly ,

      I have tested in all beta (1,2,3,4,5,6,7 and 8) (first 5 stronghold , "-2244 y? 2472" "7760 y? 8528" "-8592 y? -7312".... ) i have same issue.

      seed: 502186357

      and i have tested in beta 8 with they seed 1421295622(fourth screenshot) and 13562365251(fifth screenshot) i have same issue

      Sorry for my bad english, Benoit,

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